Real time data capture, secure and flexible solutions.

Go Paperless


Move beyond lost notes, illegible handwriting, incomplete or missing information, lengthy, tedious data entry, and transcription processes. Mobile Inspection platform increases accuracy and efficiency by collecting data precisely in real-time during assessment capture. The platform also ensures completeness because all your data is collected and can be shared immediately to allow on-the-spot enforcement of actions.

Scalable, Secure, Modular


The Mobile Inspection Platform is a secure enterprise solution that improves the efficiency and productivity of field inspectors and significantly enhances the quality and accuracy of data collected. Using a modular approach provides flexibility to implement forms, business logic, and processes to meet the unique needs of your organization. Teams can eliminate inefficient paper-based processes by using any mobile device to capture and share information that integrates with existing back-end systems.



Rapid deployment, seamless integration.

Mobile Inspection Platform allows agencies to rapidly create and deploy prebuilt COTS modules, customizable forms, and business rules while significantly reducing the cost and time-to-market of flexible and customizable solutions.

Benefits Include:


  • Pre-built tools which include multi-media data capture (photo, video, audio, barcodes), dynamic forms, signature capture, handwriting recognition, voice navigation, speech-to-text, integration with a variety of peripherals and sensors, PDF form generation, and wireless printing.
  • A modular design approach that provides the flexibility to implement forms, business logic and processes that works offline and online.
  • Optimized for mobile devices and wrapped in enterprise grade security.
  • Easily integrates with COTS products and back-end systems for a scalable mobile experience.
  • Exploits patterns through trend and predictive analytics and uses a decision engine for correlative insights.

Seamlessly Integrated


Mobile Inspection Platform integrates with mobile platform capabilities including managed mobility services, big data, infrastructure/ cloud, and cyber security. We’ll back your inspection platform implementation with 24X7 global service center support and enterprise grade security utilizing AES 256/FIPS 140-2 encryption.