Game-changing mobile technologies are being introduced every day, and those who don’t act quickly will fall behind. At Beprosoft, we help you get up and running faster by leveraging pre-built platforms for implementing many of our mobile solutions. Some consultants and agencies may tell you your solution can be implemented quickly, while at Beprosoft, we know we can deliver because we’ve done it before—and we have the platforms ready and waiting.


Beprosoft mobile platforms are tools and code-bases that provide a starting point for our solutions. These platforms help reduce your development cost and implementation risk. Our platforms range from front-end and back-end mobile solutions to integration and reporting tools for big data analytics, reporting and device management.

Our Culture


We believe anything is possible. Just because it doesn’t exist today doesn’t mean it can’t tomorrow. We consider emerging technology a playground full of new tools that help us create valuable mobile solutions for our clients. We believe creativity and innovation trump conventional wisdom and the status quo. And we think this is a pretty exciting time to be working in the mobile space.

Mobile Control Center

Beprosoft’s Mobile Control Center (MCC) offers a multi-platform solution for superior integrated monitoring, management, reporting and analytics. Through multiple integration points, Beprosoft extracts data from various backend systems to provide a unified view at all times. This includes the client’s chosen MDM platform, expense management platform, ticketing systems (such as ServiceNow), HR systems and other external resources, as required. The MCC provides visibility into all mobile services and information and functions as a self-service portal for end-users, as well as IT administrators.

Insights Portal

Personalized intelligence for

Our integrated business portal enhances the delivery of personalized, actionable insights that lead to greater effectiveness and better business decisions. The platform can be used with multiple business intelligence tools to provide a single point of access that lets users navigate, analyze and share data. It’s easy to create or modify the insights, as well as publish educational or marketing content in an integrated manner. The portal improves productivity by combining reports, analysis tools, task lists, reminders, action alerts and links to relevant internal and external web content.

Analytics Engine

Better insights for better decisions

Our proprietary automation engine works with data integration and business workflow tools to quickly model and deliver predictive solutions. With the ability to configure and automate analytics and build business rules, the Analytics Engine makes it easy for users to access results through the business intelligence infrastructure. Several pre-constructed analytical models exist for standard business functions such as performance analytics to model general business performance, sales analytics or supply chain analytics. In addition, a variety of pre-built models have been constructed for specific industries to help our clients get a jumpstart on mining the insights they need.

Mobile Loyalty

Acquire, engage and retain customers

Mobile devices can make loyalty and rewards programs more intimate, flexible and powerful. With Beprosoft Mobile Loyalty, you can identify high-value customers and deliver personalized offers based on behavior, location and history. The relevance and desirability of these offers makes Mobile Loyalty a powerful tool for increasing revenue, customer engagement and brand advocacy

Mobile Productivity

Work smarter anywhere

The Beprosoft Mobile Productivity platform is a complete suite of solutions that allows businesses to quickly launch customizable applications with robust backend integration and enterprise-grade security. There’s no need to start from scratch—our platform gives you access to key features like documents, forms, tasks and events. And it’s all fully customizable, so you can tailor your productivity app to meet your specific business needs.

Big Data Platform

Turning data into actionable insights

Our comprehensive operational analytics platform is designed to meet your big data needs, taking into account your business processes, technology landscape and specific data challenges around volume, variety and velocity. The Big Data Platform uses the COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) or open source tools best suited to the solution.