Game-changing mobile technologies are being introduced every day, and those who don’t act quickly will fall behind. At Beprosoft, we help you get up and running faster by leveraging pre-built platforms for implementing many of our mobile solutions. Some consultants and agencies may tell you your solution can be implemented quickly, while at Beprosoft, we know we can deliver because we’ve done it before—and we have the platforms ready and waiting.



Beprosoft mobile platforms are tools and code-bases that provide a starting point for our solutions. These platforms help reduce your development cost and implementation risk. Our platforms range from front-end and back-end mobile solutions to integration and reporting tools for big data analytics, reporting and device management.

 Our Culture



We believe anything is possible. Just because it doesn’t exist today doesn’t mean it can’t tomorrow. We consider emerging technology a playground full of new tools that help us create valuable mobile solutions for our clients. We believe creativity and innovation trump conventional wisdom and the status quo. And we think this is a pretty exciting time to be working in the mobile space.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Today’s consumers expect more from the products and services they buy, including products that are “information-enabled,” meaning they contain built-in information sharing capability, whether for personal data collection or sharing on social networks. These changes are driving automotive, industrial and product manufacturers to rethink their products based on how consumers will interact with them.

Financial Services

Financial services companies can leverage big data analytics to help recommend optimal margin, predict attrition and prioritize retention based on the value of various merchant segments. Insights gained from big data can also play a role in helping financial services companies streamline their distribution channels, reducing expenses, and recommending merchant-specific pricing with cross-sell opportunities..

Healthcare & Life Sciences

As the healthcare and life sciences industry continues to embrace data-driven digital transformation, our team is focused on providing innovative solutions and services that will result in improved quality of care and enriched patient experience.

Media & Entertainment

There’s no sector of the media and entertainment industry big data analytics hasn’t affected, and its influence is only growing. Hollywood is tracking social media buzz to determine the best strategies for positioning movies, as well as to help predict box office success. In television, content companies are analyzing user behavior to help inform what types of shows they will produce. For example, House of Cards, the hit series from Netflix, was created based on insights gained from Netflix customer preference data. Recording artists like Lady Gaga and her team are using information on fans’ listening preferences to optimize playlists at live performances. In the world of sports, champions like Germany’s 2014 World Cup team are analyzing data related to players’ field positions, passing ability and ball retention to recruit the best soccer players and improve the team’s performance.

Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

Today, product, customer and transaction data can all live in different systems, which results in a disjointed shopping experience for consumers and a logistics nightmare for retailers. Moving forward, integrating key data types across channels will be essential for maintaining a unified view of customer and product awareness across sales channels. By gaining a complete picture of this data, KPIs such as conversion rate, average order size and saving the sale will all improve.


The technology industry itself is being transformed by the power of big data. Communications service providers are harnessing big data to create smarter services that become new sources of revenue, streamline operations and build smarter networks that enable a more consistent, higher quality customer experience. The ubiquity of smartphones allows these companies to analyze data generated by millions of mobile devices and then use the resulting insights to deliver customized services and offers. For information services companies, big data plays a role in creating new products and revenue streams. In today’s world, data and information are viewed as competitive tools that allow companies to identify trends more quickly. Information services companies are using big data to ensure they are flexible and scalable enough to ingest, process and distribute content under many different business models.

Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is particularly well-primed to take advantage of big data. Travel companies can leverage analytics to improve the customer experience as well as business operations, such as pricing and yield management. One of the biggest opportunities lies in applying the insights gained from big data to personalize offerings to various target audiences. For example, a hotel may be able to predict that a customer will be interested in a pet-friendly room. Travel booking site uses big data to predict what travelers want. By analyzing customer profiles, social graphs, airline data and reviews, Hipmunk tailors the booking experience to individual needs. Big data also plays a huge role in customer relationship management. Now, companies can easily identify their best customers and ensure that loyalty offers are tailored to customers who are not only the most profitable, but also demonstrate potential to have high lifetime value.